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G'day and welcome to my website

Drawing from age 3, drawing was my number one hobby throughout my childhood. My works include the 101 Dalmations drawings (from age 14, 1996), British rock band Dire Straits (my favourite band, from age 17, 1999), and my primary school building drawing (Manifold Heights, from grade 6, 1995), which was used on our grade 6 graduation jumpers.

So anyways feel free to explore the website, go check out my latest artwork and my videos. Also I have a YouTube account (DashersArtwork), a Facebook page (Dasher's Artwork), Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, DeviantArt, LinkedIn, Reddit and Patreon, so go check them out. You can find these links by either at the top right corner of this website, or by going to https://www.linktr.ee/dashersartwork



Dodie Smith's 101 Dalmatians
Year 7, 1996
Fictional Moorabool, Victoria
Year 10, 1999
Electric Trains assignment
Year 8, 1997
Manifold Heights Primary School building
Grade 6, 1995

Dire Straits
Year 10, 1999
3D Street View
Year 11, 2000
3D House Drawing
Year 11, 2000